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About Digitizing

Super Punch first offered digitizing services in 1996 when Jean »Johnny » Larochelle cut the inaugural ribbon andas they say, the rest is history. The actual word “punch” refers to the previous paper tape era, where designs were punched through a paper tape, so Johnny made it simply super. But if we go back even further in history, Johnny started digitizing in the family business as early as 1989, when the on-screen digitizing first appeared on the market. At the time, software was just starting to evolve on the market and prices were as high as $30,000 and $40,000, just to be able to transform your images into stitch files. At that price, users could not even resize a design more than 10%, they had to re-digitize it all over again, and improve it at the same time for the second size. Erasing and going back into the design to edit was next to impossible, so Johnny learned the hard way to construct a nice embroidery design. Of course, today is another era with more advanced software and the internet as our delivery truck. We now have tools that often tend to promote automatic functions, press one button and fireworks appear, hence creating less than perfect finished products. The interaction between the software, the design and the human mind, while building a design can not be duplicated anywhere else nor by anyone else. Each design becomes a signature with proper settings to run for the proper application.

With business growing rapidly, in 1998, Alan Mongeau joined Johnny and they have been side by side ever since, digitizing thousands of designs for embroiderers all over the world. We use the most advanced software on the market, with tailor made tools capable of performing the most complex designs ranging from small letters to gradient effects. We try to deliver one stitch file which will likely sew properly on 90 percent of all the applications on the market. We also educate customers to warn us if their application involves special materials such as terry cloth, polar, blankets, caps or other.

Digitizing has always been the heart and soul of Super Punch. Even to this day, we are always in contact with our clients and we listen to their needs. Therefore, we built a new platform, part of, which we call the Superpunch Manager. This tool will allow you to upload your files, select delivery date, keep track of all your quotes, invoices , archived files, pay invoices, so in a word, your digitizing central station. You are always in direct contact with Super Punch. You can even chat online with us when available, this is as instant as it gets.

And would we play the “made in Canada” card on you? Of course, and we will proudly do so. At Super Punch, we are proud of employing Canadians, paying taxes in Canada and we have been fighting the Asian invasion since day 1. Our prices are very competitive, but we are on your time zone, speak both of our national languages, offer toll free 1-888-707-8624 phone line and our service and quality are second to none. Most of our North American client embroiderers actually are fighting this same battle, but we have been witnessing a change in attitude among the mass to keep our jobs on our continent during these hard economic times. So Super Punch will continue to strive and innovate to stay atop. Where they like to brag about being fast and deliver designs within 48 hours, if you are lucky enough not to hit an unusual holiday, we have come up with a unique 1 hour service. Yes, you read correctly. Within 1 hour, you can send an image for a quote, get a price, a link to pay and you will receive your design within that 1 hour time slot. We are awake at the same time as you are, in the eastern time zone.

As you can see, Super Punch has everything you want in a digitizing center. Our knowledge of the design building process, along with our expertise in machines, thread and stabilizers sales, makes us a leader in the digitizing industry. We are a small company, but personal and closely knit to our clients. If you are new to this site, please give us a try, send us a design and it will be our pleasure to show you why Super Punch is no 1.

About Superpunch Manager

Finally the ultimate tool has arrived at, the all new Superpunch Manager. Let this tool manage all your digitizing needs, starting with uploading designs for quotes and orders, to choosing your delivery date, payments, invoices, archived stitch files and much more.

Experience the difference, and turn a quote into an order with one click of the mouse. This interface is yours only to use with your own username and password, which you can create in seconds. Take control of all your designs and stay in direct contact with Super Punch, using the Superpunch Manager.

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