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About Superpunch Manager

Finally the ultimate tool has arrived at, the all new Superpunch Manager. Let this tool manage all your digitizing needs, starting with uploading designs for quotes and orders, to choosing your delivery date, payments, invoices, archived stitch files and much more.

Experience the difference, and turn a quote into an order with one click of the mouse. This interface is yours only to use with your own username and password, which you can create in seconds. Take control of all your designs and stay in direct contact with Super Punch, using the Superpunch Manager.

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Whatever the holiday may be, Superpunch has a free embroidery design for you. Since we do things differently, do not expect an ordinary Easter bunny ! Our super bunny embroiders and carries cones of SuperB thread in its basket. Enjoy this original creation from Superpunch proudly made in Canada.

Download DST
Happy St-Patrick day ! Green all the way ! Superpunch is proud to offer this free St Patrick embroidery design with green thread from a very green interactive platform where we do business without paper. Be green and enjoy this happy go lucky Irish man sewing with our green SuperB 451 polyester thread.

Download DST
Where else will you find Santa Claus embroidering and sewing "live", but at This is our Christmas gift to you, and yes, another original creation for you to enjoy during the holiday season. Not only you will find everything an embroiderer will ever need under one roof, but you will never find an equivalent anywhere else. Made proudly in Canada, right here in Bromont, Qc.

Download DST
For your Thanksgiving embroidery needs, we are serving our very own "Super Turkey" for free. Canadians do it in October during the color season, while our American friends celebrate it at the end of November, but no matter when you want it, you will find it only at Superpunch.

Download DST
Our digitizing is Made in Canada so we are proud to provide our flag as a free stock design to all our friends around the world. Download this free maple leaf and feel why Superpunch is a leader in digitizing service, with our world's fastest 1 hour digitizing service. Doing business the Canadian way.

Download DST
Whether you are haling from New Orleans, Quebec City or anywhere else, download this "fleur de lys" as a free embroidery design right away and experience the digitizing service at Superpunch. We serve embroidery clients in both of our national languages and of course, very proud to be Canadians. Vive la différence!

Download DST
Every truck driver will tell you about how his vehicle is unique and different from the others. Over the years, Superpunch has specialized in digitizing trucks, cars, boats or any other toys that make you happy, and this, from a clean picture. Enjoy this free embroidery design and perhaps, it will tempt you to offer the gift of embroidery to a close friend?

Download DST
Superpunch can digitize any logo, even coming from a camera, such as a house. Email us your artwork and we will gladly quote any embroidery design you may have. Our motto is: if we can see it, we can digitize it. Welcome home to Superpunch.

Download DST
Ho-Ho-Ho...No need for Superpunch to be in the Christmas spirit to give away free embroidery designs, we do it every day. We have a close long term relationship with our embroidery digitizing clients and we give away the gift of personal and fast service every day.

Download DST


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