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Superpunch has been exhibiting Happy embroidery machines at various trade shows in Canada since 1998.

Since 1998, Super Punch has been a leader in supplying embroidery machines, training, parts and repairs to the North American embroidery market. It all started modestly with sales of the world renowned Japanese embroidery machine, the Happy, in Quebec and the Maritimes. Right away, embroiderers across eastern Canada could take advantage of a high quality machine, serviced by an experienced staff in the embroidery world since 1990. Super Punch brought years of embroidery experience to support its growing clientele who felt at ease dealing with a close to the bone and personal smaller company in Quebec.

It did not take long for Super Punch to offer used Tajima machines to an already existing user of this other well known Japanese machine. Sales quickly grew and Super Punch had many used machines in stock, while continuing to serve clients with digitizing services. Our day to day contact with clients made it easy for machine users to feel at ease with technical difficulties or with any questions they may have. This type of relationship is still at the heart of our business today and will most likely stay in place for years to come.

In this modern world, the internet has brought options for buyers, to shop and browse machines from all over the world. Many new machines have come to the market, most of which come from Korea or China, but Super Punch still believes that experience since the early 1970’s from Japan can not be duplicated simply by painting machines the same color. Also, service, knowledge and support can not be duplicated from simply reading text files on the internet. At Super Punch, we give you easy tools for you to sell or buy a machine, and even start your own embroidery business. Even though we concentrate mainly on Happy new machines and used Tajima machines, we can assist you and help you find your perfect match, whichever it may be.

Today, machine sales do not come alone. They are backed up with service, training, expertise in logo construction in digitizing, and also with all the supplies you will need to run your embroidery shop such as embroidery thread, embroidery backing and all your main embroidery supplies.

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