HCD2 Instructions manual

Happy HCD2 Manual
Important safety instructions
Warning labels
Assemble the machine unit
How to carry and install the machine
Assemble safety sensor
Assemble wide x-carriage
Assemble border frame
Assemble table
Assemble expand side-table
Assemble bobbin thread guide
Grounding instruction
Main parts
How to turn on the machine
Calendar and clock setting
The control box
Drive mode
Inserting a needle
Select needles and threads
Backing materials
Winding the bobbin
Remove, insert, adjust the bobbin tension and bobbin case
Threading the machine
Machine settings
Lock stitches
Connecting to a PC
Reading embroidery pattern data from the pc
Read embroidery pattern data
Selection of folders
How to select patterns from memory
Erasing patterns from memory
Needle bar selection
Installing and removing the tubular frame arm
How to hoop
Mounting the hoop on the machine
Starting to embroider
Cap frame settings
Installing and removing the cap drive frame
Removing tubular frame arm
Normal cap frame
Hooping caps
Wide cap frame
Starting to embroider with a cap frame
Adjusting the thread tensions
What to do if the thread breaks while sewing and stopping and resuming sewing
Loss of power while embroidering
Moving the hoop while embroidering and then returning to the correct location moving back to center point
Going back to the beginning of the design placing the design in the center of the selected embroidery frame
Rotating and mirroring designs
How to start in the middle of a design
How to change thread color
Displaying the pattern in setting mode
Locking pattern data
Storing patterns in memory
Trace type patterns in memory
Export patterns from memory
Renaming embroidery patterns in memory
Copying embroidery patterns in memory
Moving embroidery patterns in memory
Renaming folders in memory
Sorting embroidery patterns in memory
Viewing the thread break report
Scaling, repeating, offset and frame out settings
Scaling an embroidery design
Adjusting the width in a design
Starting sewing at an angle
Repeating the sewing patterns
Auto-centering origin point
Starting with an offset
Setting the starting position
Starting with a preset origin position
Teaching the starting position
Using frame-out in a design
Teaching the frame-out
Moving the frame out with direct input
Selecting the needle bar automatically
Defining a color for a needle
Importing color change data from saved embroidery patterns
Exporting color change data to other designs
Repeating color group settings
Joining two embroidery designs in one pattern
Adjusting embroidery design read settings
Reading an embroidery pattern
Borer - Important safety instructions
Selecting a needle for borer devide
Setting the borer to color change sequence
Exchanging the borer blade
Positioning the embroidery machine
Moving the position to a specific piece number
Restoring frame position after a power failure
Setting the starting position of a design
Returning to the original registered point after a power failure
How to select a stock embroidery font
Selecting font, letter height, line lenght
Creating an embroidery letter
Setting up a succession of embroidery patterns
Altering and executing queued embroidery designs
Selecting needle bar and pattern settings for queued designs
Registering queue settings
Adjusting read queue settings
Tracing a design before embroidering
Confirming embroidery frame selection
Adjusting frame for embroidery area
Creating user-defined frames
Making frame size data with user-defined frames
Example of making the frame size data
Reading frame data
Deleting the resisted user-defined frames
Changing the center point of a frame
Using a non-registered frame
Placing requently used icons on right side of screen
Creating a network
Viewing version informatin and updating software
Setting the language
How to calibrate the embroidery machine
Viewing the report of hours of operation
Going to user maintenance mode
Setting up the screensaver
Setting the slide direction
Changing and deleting images
Initializing the registered images in the machine
Making a screensaver image
Specifications and maintenance
Cleaning the rotary hook and thread cutting knife
Errors and what to do
Error: stop position of main shaft is out of place
Error: thread cut knife is not at top position
Error: thread catch hook is off it's position
Re-initializing the embroidery machine system
Setting the machine speed
Helpful hints
Embroidery terms
Built-in font list
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