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Embroidery - Broderie

Wilcom’s Stitch Processing: What you see is what you get

When Wilcom set about to create the world’s first embroidery design software, way back in 1980, it was with a steadfast commitment to understand the intricacies of what it takes to create quality embroidery that looks good and runs well.

As a result Wilcom software is built on a core of unrivalled complex stitch processing algorithms which means that what you create and see on your screen are the exact needle penetrations your machine will stitch. There’s also a whole lot of intelligence working in the background to account for fabric pull compensation, design resizing and other parameters to produce machine-friendly designs and beautiful results!

Perfect Lettering
Lettering is a huge part of the everyday embroiderer’s work. Wilcom provides easy-to-use tools that give you the precision you need and the famous Wilcom lettering quality – right down to 4mm letters!

Powerful editing
Wilcom is the only software that allows you to fully edit raw stitch files (such as .DST) as if you had just created it.
Not only that, but Wilcom's object-based editing is unparalleled in efficiency and control.

Growing with you
Wilcom offers a range of products to suit the specific needs of your business. This allows you to invest in the tools you need today, and grow from there as your business needs and skills develop. Building on exisiting tools within a familiar workspace, DecoStudio customers will find it easy to upgrade to EmbroideryStudio.

Quality and efficiency
To keep up with customer demands and remain competitive, businesses are pushed to deliver more in less time. All tools and features found in DecoStudio are built around this reality

DecoStudio© takes care of:
Any vector art creation
Screen printing
Vinyl signage
and lots more…

Embroidery - Broderie
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