Build your embroidery start up kit, step 1

Build your own Happy start up kit.
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Step 1 of 6: Pick a machine
Embroidery Machine Happy HCS2-1201

Happy Voyager HCS2 1201

Voyager is a 12-needle, single-head embroidery machine that's at home in craft & sewing rooms just as much as in offices or production shops. Its combination of sewing power and portability has made Voyager one of HAPPY's most popular single-head models ever!


Embroidery Machine Happy HCD2-1501

Happy HCD2 1501

The HCD2-1501 is HAPPY's latest 15-needle, single-head commercial embroidery machine which comes with all the hoopps and cap frames. Engineered with the newest technology and HAPPY's traditional durability, the HCD2-1501 provides unbeatable sewing power in a single-head machine.


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