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We are really happy with the products and prices on 2016-06-30

Le fil SuperB est vraiment un bon rapport qualité/prix! on 2016-05-30

John Lévesque, gérant des livraisons, l'homme à marier! on 2016-05-13

Vous êtes les meilleurs et merci pour les petits cadeaux! on 2016-05-11

Very pleased with service and products! on 2016-04-19

Vous avez un service à la clientèle excellent! on 2016-04-19

Thanks for my order and extra gift! on 2016-04-19

Mille fois merci! on 2016-04-19

Very surprised to see all the FREE samples you sent me! on 2016-04-06

Stitched beautifully thank you! on 2016-04-06

Je suis très heureuse d'avoir reçu tout ça! on 2016-04-06

I'll be back to shop again! on 2016-04-06

Received my order today with the free gifts too, thanks so very much. on 2016-03-30

Entoilage hydrosoluble transparent disponible enligne chez Superpunch.com on 2016-03-30

Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre travail rapide et efficace on 2016-03-10

What embroiderers think of Brother machines versus Happy machines! on 2016-03-08

Je suis tombée sous le charme de Johnny on 2016-03-04

You did a great, as usual on 2016-02-26

Sarah did a fantastic job! Video on 2016-02-16

J'ai reçu ma commande et vous m'avez gâté en masse! on 2016-02-08

First package delivered to Facebook user on 2016-02-08

Le fil SuperB est supérieur au fil SMB! on 2016-02-08

Facebook loves Superpunch! on 2016-02-03

Facebook recommendations for Superpunch digitizing service on 2016-01-29

Files for the "Patriotes" turned out perfect, just beautiful on 2016-01-22

Jean is very professional in all his business dealings on 2016-01-21

Just wanted to say thanks, this is how the new design stitched out on 2016-01-18

SUPER PUNCH est mon fournisseur NO: 1 on 2016-01-08

Votre service est super rapide on 2016-01-08

Merci beaucoup pour le logo et le fil on 2015-12-09

Les derniers logos convertis étaient parfaits! on 2015-12-07

Thanks for the great service on 2015-12-07

Thanks so much for getting these to me so quickly! on 2015-11-23

Superpunch can digitize anything on 2015-11-12

You're doing a fantastic job of taking care of me on 2015-11-09

Un gros merci pour prendre le temps on 2015-11-09

Referral for the Super Professionals on 2015-11-09

Phenomenal work on a rush order! on 2015-11-05

Ça roule à fond! on 2015-11-05

Superpunch is awesome on 2015-10-27

Section VIP pour les clients réguliers on 2015-10-21

Très excellent et formidable service on 2015-10-06

Another satisfied customer on 2015-09-17

Juste pour vous montrer le beau travail on 2015-09-15

Client débutant achète machine à broder et adore Superpunch pour tous ses services de broderie on 2015-09-08

Just wanted to let you know this came out beautiful! on 2015-08-25

Je suis contente pour tous les freebies que tu as inclus dans mon colis on 2015-08-25

Il faut le dire de temps en temps on 2015-08-25

I have to tell you that I'm such a fan of your products on 2015-08-25

I just love your thread, your stabilizer and fabric glue spray on 2015-08-25

Super le logo! on 2015-08-25

Service rapide! Bravo! on 2015-08-25

Le monsieur est très heureux! on 2015-08-25

It turned out beautifully and the customer was completely satisfied with it! on 2015-08-25

It sews absolutely beautifully and the customer was amazed! on 2015-08-25

Digitizing service faster and better! on 2015-08-19

Digitizing service - The only I can say that's a amazing job. on 2015-08-13

Embroidery Supplies fast delivery and embroidery service at its finest! on 2015-08-06

Embroidery digitizing in 1 hour for Happy machine technician during training! on 2015-08-04

New Brunswick loves our Super Sew sewing thread! on 2015-08-03

Len Blackwell - Project for my father turned out great! on 2015-07-31

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