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October, 2009 - New website, new look for a new era.

Everything an embroiderer will ever need under one roof. Superpunch has all the products, the services, the experienced staff to answer any questions, therefore, it only needed a new modern tool to serve our customers even better for decades to come. Superpunch created not only a new web site with a new logo, but a complete interactive platform placing the embroiderer in direct contact with Superpunch at all times. Superpunch.com becomes a tool where you and your mates can not only shop online, but also manage all your digitizing needs such as quotes and orders. In your personal account which you can create with your own username and password, you have your personal interface where all your files, invoices, embroidery designs, products and more, will be stored for your use. Within 5 clicks of the mouse, you can select a product and be out the door with your invoice in hand, paid and transaction sealed. We have made this new platform as easy as you will find anywhere on the web, and once again, Superpunch is innovating to be at the forefront of today's technology.

Superpunch built this web site, invested for months and months of development, to finally mold a perfect tool for the modern embroiderer. Superpunch's very own Alan Mongeau is the webmaster, while Johnny feeds all the material, planning, texts, videos, structure, content in both of our national languages. Again, Superpunch controls its own destiny and despite gray skies in today's economy, we remain highly optimistic, even confident for the future.
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