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March, 2007 - Superpunch sells products online.

The plan to sell online products is not a new concept for Superpunch, but the addition of the SuperB polyester embroidery thread made us do it. Superpunch sold online for a couple years with another platform, but we wanted to create the most user friendly and easy to use web site on the market today. And we did just that, we built it. We have never looked back and have added all the products such as backing and supplies, to complete our entire line. Today, we can safely say that we have everything an embroiderer will ever need under one roof.

Our digitizing customers or anyone else for that matter, will now have an easy access to all our products while they manage their embroidery designs on superpunch.com. They are in control of everything. Our interface is extremely secure where you are not redirected to another banking site, you remain on our very own 256 bit encrypted SSL accredited server. Superpunch is actually safer than your favorite restaurant processing your credit card. Once your account is created, noone can view your card number, not even you! You can modify it, edit it, delete it, but you can not view it. Simple as pie, add items in your shopping cart, checkout and click "pay Superpunch". Try it and feel the difference.
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