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May, 2010 - First SOLO direct to garment printer in Canada.

Superpunch is the exclusive Eastern Canadian distributor of the Solo direct to garment printer. Made in Japan next door to Epson, this Mastermind engineered made for printing garment printer is now operating in Canada as Superpunch delivered, installed and trained it first printer in Canadian soil, Mr Stephane Demers of Broderie du Nord, near Montreal. The white ink circulates freely, the trial and error grind is behind us and technology is now ready for the taking.

Scan anything you want, no more artwork and screen charges, what you see on screen is what you get, and it will sink in the fiber of the garments for you to feel....nothing...now that is the Solo difference. Silk screen leaves a crust, hard for the fingers and hard on the wallet for the set up charges. SOLO will print instantly and quickly, you will never turn down another order, no matter how small it may be.

During this historical day, we printed a t-shirt with this picture, adding the Superpunch logo and some lettering as well. Click on "Take me there" below to watch it!
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