Embroidery news article - stabilizers-backing-superstable-made-in-usa

March, 2008 - The stabilizer line of backing SuperStable is born.

Superpunch was selling everything an embroiderer needs, except for backing. This item was the last piece of the puzzle and Superpunch took its time once again, to create its own exclusive line, made in the USA, which we call SuperStable. This line of stabilizers is formulated exclusively for embroidery use and has the latest recipes, such as lubricating agents, for a successful embroidery process. Stabilizers have greatly evolved over the last few years and Superpunch only has the top quality and today's technology such as invisible mesh, adhesive backing, wash away and biodegradable, just to name a few.

While our competition keeps selling the same old fashioned backing for years and years, in huge and heavy formats too heavy for your operator to handle, Superpunch offers all types of formats ranging from pre-cut pieces, to 15 inch rolls, all the way to the old fashioned 60 inch rolls. We have it all, in a simple and easy to use menu, available online of course. Stabilize the foundation of your embroidery and you will now find everything an embroiderer will ever need, under one roof.
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