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September, 1996-Superpunch is born on September 13, 1996.

After 9 years of successfully building a family business in the textile industry, Jean "Johnny" Larochelle decided to fly on his own and dedicate himself to the embroidery process. During that span, Johnny ran the entire production of the family business which also began modestly by doing everything on his own in its beginning, to hiring one employee at the time, to his last day 9 years later when the company was profitable with 8 retail stores and 35 employees to supervise. Even though, Johnny could have gone into screen printing, garment manufacturing, sales, graphic art, digitizing, machine repairs or anything related to the promotional apparel which he built himself, the love of embroidery was his call.

What's in a name, might you ask? The word "punch" in embroidery has deep roots dating from the early 70's, where the designs were punched into a paper tape, guiding the embroidery machine on its "x" and "y" axis. A design was basically called a punch and Johnny started using paper tapes in 1988. Add super hero qualities to prompt service, a smile and a touch of humor, you come up with Superpunch.

What's in a logo? Punching with boxing gloves with the letters SP on your chest and Superpunch is ready to punch some designs. Howeever, Superpunch started with on-screen digitizing from the very first day and never actually delivered paper tapes. It was the beginning.
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