Embroidery news article - superpunch-staff-embroidery-1999

October, 1999 - Superpunch hires its very first full time employee.

The progression was obvious and Johnny needed some immediate help rather quickly. Working 7 days a week, non stop, and trying to do it all with some sub contracting help from the outside was just not enough. It was time to bring someone along for the ride, and who would have thought this person would still be around today and actually building this very web site with Johnny. Yes, Alan Mongeau was hired in October of 1999 and Superpunch never looked back. Alan has been a key player in Superpunch's success over the years and makes a bilingual dynamic duo with Johnny. This website is Alan and Johnny's signature, a tool for decades to come and a validation of their dedication to modern customer service.

This is another classic picture for the ages, where Alan is watching Johnny's two children, Tommie and Emily spinning on daddy's chair.
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