Embroidery Embroidery Machine Video - solo-direct-to garment-printer-embroidery-printing

The first Solo direct to garment printer lands in Canada. ( 1 min. 50 sec.)

We just had to. Yes, we could not resist to record a souvenir of some sort on our very first day of training and installation of the Solo direct to garment printer. Superpunch is the exclusive Eastern Canadian Solo printer and is proud to finally get involved in this field after years of waiting for the right moment. This printing process has evolved and went through some trial and errors over the last few years, to end up with the white ink circulating, Japanese engineering ffrom Mastermind and Epson, nice prints on dark shirts, easy to use software at the right price.

This video will take you inside the Solo, live from our first installation and will give you a quick idea of printing garments without having to prepare screens and artwork. Superpunch's founder, Johnny Larochelle has a lot of experience in silkscreen printing, going as far back as 1987, and sory to say, but not much has changed today. Silk screen printing is a long, hard and dirty process requiring many steps and infrastructures such as dark room, water pressure tubs, screens etc... On the other hand, printing garments is nothing new, but the Solo is a result of years of research. This association with Solo (also partnering with Happy in embroidery) was a natural match and basically a no brainer for Superpunch, because Happy and Solo go hand in hand together. At Superpunch, you can take advantage of many years of experience in printing, embroidering and even dealing with artwork, as our staff digitizes embroidery designs and can handle all aspects of the decorated apparel industry.

And yes, we are proud to say: Made in Canada, by Canadians. You bet.
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