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Welcome to the Red Carpet at Superpunch.com ( 2 min 01 sec.)

Thank you, thank you…Welcome to the Red carpet at Superpunch, where you will find apparel clearance, like nowhere else on the market. These products can be anything ranging from shirts to caps, or from tuques to jackets, who knows??

But one thing is for sure, we will make it easy and user friendly for you…a "no brainer" of a buy, easy to add in your shopping cart. Do it while you’re checking the “live” status of your digitizing in your account in the interactive platform called the “Superpunch Manager” or simply while you shop for thread and stabilizer. Now, let’s meet our Red Carpet product, shall we?

Introducing directly from Bengladesh, the good old Pique Polo Shirt. This short sleeve classic is available in 4 colors, as you can see with our Canada’s next top model…in…white…red……navy….and black….available in 7 sizes from XS to XXXL…..you have a potential client for sure for this item, looking for deals…and deals you will find at Superpunch….5.99 per shirt, while supplies last.

That’s right, Superpunch rolls out the red carpet for you, nothing short of it. Another unique product at a rock bottom price, designed for the embroiderer, easy to add to your shopping cart, only at Superpunch.com. Yes, you will find everything an embroiderer will ever need, under one roof.
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