Embroidery Thread Video - embroidery-sideless-pre-wound-bobbins-polyester

Sideless Pre Wound Bobbin thread, Made in USA. We are not taking sides, promise. ( 54 sec.)

Description of this all new product in Canada:

Economy priced sideless bobbin that out-performs all paper-sided bobbins.

High production, high quality embroidery
Fiber Type:

High-tenacity polyester filament or Spun Polyester
Features & Benefits:
Runs clean, and will not clog up your bobbin cases • Significantly more yards and stitches per bobbin • Less bobbin changes which reduces downtime • No paper sides which often trap the thread • Competitively priced
2.4 LBS strength packed in an impressive 143 yards !!!! No sides means more thread, only at Superpunch.com.
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