Embroidery Stabilizer - white-fusible-mesh-backing-stabilizer-15-inches-25-yards

SuperStable Embroidery Stabilizer
embroidery stabilizer & backing

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"Adheres nicely, keeps knits from stretching and cuts away cleanly. Only drawback is it doesn't come in larger rolls." -karink

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1.5 oz Fusible Mesh 15 inches x 25 yards - STA035
A 1.5 oz spun nylon embossed diagonally to add multidirectional stability. The fusible mesh is a special low melt adhesive that activates at 260F, so it will not scorch nor shrink your fabric. It can easily be reheated and loosened enough to trim.
Premium quality embroidery stabilizer,
made proudly in the U.S.A.

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                              stabilizer & backing
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