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Secret for VIP members...

Super Twill
1 yard

Thermal Adhesive Film
for crest
1 yard

Super Secret of the Trade
Easy way to do crests

+ we will adjust your
design for free
Only if you are VIP...

Micro fibre and polyester performance wear "mesh sandwich"

1.5 oz Tear White
15 inches x 25 yards

1.5 Cut White Invisible Mesh
7.5 x 8 in, Pre-cut pieces


+ we will adjust your
design for free

It is not just about wine and cheese, non, monsieur!

DK5 Adhesive Remover

505 Spray Adhesive

LB5 Lubricant

Made in France

avec amour...

They all cut thread and more...

2 Snips (top quality)

2 Curved scissors

Peggy's Stitch eraser
WITH cord

For small lettering...with SuperB !

Embroidery Needles 65/9

SuperB Thread 5000 m.
4 cones
(email us the color #)


+ we will digitize any
regular corporate
logo for free

More than just embroidery...

GO! Fabric Cutter

2 boxes of chalk
+ 2 packs of 12 clear spool

Sewing Thread

Small formats

How to be successful on sinking fabric...

"Magic Mesh"

1.5 oz Tear White Adhesive
8 inches x 25 yards

Water Soluble
9" x 109 yards

+ we will add our "magic
mesh" to your design
for free

Top quality only, served at the Super Show...

Madeira Thread
2 cones, any color

Magnetic Core WHITE
Pre Wound Bobbins
Magna Glide

3.0 Cut White
15 inches x 25 yards

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Be precise and register your application...

Thread Tension Gauge

Towa Bobbin Case
Tension Gauge - Style L

Embroiderer's Helper

Just what the doctor ordered...

Those darn caps...


2.5 oz Tear for Caps,
4 x 7 in, Pre-cut 500 pieces


Any design
we will re-digitize
it for caps...

Do we have to convince you?

SuperB Thread 5000 m
2 cones of black

2.5 oz Tear/Cut Black
15 inches x 25 yards

2 snips for embroidery

Even our embroidery
machines are black...

For all your graphic needs...

Fasten your seat belts...

Vector file conversion


Digitize any stitch file,
chest size
What's our vector, Victor?
Stitch file and vector
file "menu du jour"
*restrictions apply*

Perfect for newbies with small budget...

Any regular chest
logo for newbies
who qualify

SuperB Thread 5000 m
1 cone of white and
1 cone of black

You do pay shipping....

Menu for the one ready to make a deal......

I have assessed
the situation...

I trust and know
Superpunch and I am
ready to make a deal
for a Stitcher.

I want Super Santa to add
more goodies...

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Coming soon or already here...

Call your waiter...

But you can sure feel it...

Kid's Menu
Happy hour

ecipes for the modern embroiderer...when you cook, using the right ingredients in your recipe can make a huge difference in your final dish. The same applies to embroidery, so let the Grand Chef propose to you some of our best combinations of embroidery products so that your specific application is a success in the end.

ollow the recipe, and build your embroidery with quality thread, stabilizers, supplies and even digitizing...it is all about the process and how to formulate success with the right products.....so let's see...hmmm...1 cone of SuperB 5000 m, 1 roll of invisible mesh cut away stabilizer, 65-9 needles, a can of 505....mix it all at 800 stitches per minute....and Voila! Bon Appétit!
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