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Press and Wash Stabilizer 12" x 10 yards - HSTA20
12 inches x 25 yards
Press & Wash – A Needle friendly adhesive stabilizer

With Press and Wash, embroidery on hard to hoop items is now possible. We have developed a needle friendly pressure sensitive adhesive that will not lead to gummy needles or residue build up on hoops or needles. Press and Wash allows you to embroider bulky items like heavy towels , socks , equipment cases, luggage , backpacks etc.

It also eliminates hoop “ring burn” on towels, leather, velvet and satin and other items that are adversely affected by hooping. Press and Wash eliminates any need for messy &, toxic and adhesive sprays. The non woven tear away stabilizer used is a very stable & dense 1.5 oz product.

This product is NOT a sticky solvy, nor was it meant to be. To avoid heavy gumming up the needles, we suggest using teflon needles and sewing slower speed as well.

Directions: 1. Hoop with the release paper side facing up.
2. Score the surface of the release paper with the point of a scissor, a knife or a pin.
3. Peel back the paper to expose the” sticky” side of the stabilizer.
4. Stick down the item to be embroidered and smooth out wrinkles.
5. Embroider your garment.
6. Remove the excess stabilizer by gently tearing it away from around the stitches.

Please note that our 1.5 oz tear away will support 6-8,000 stitches of a moderately dense design. If your design has a higher stitch count or is very dense it is suggested that you “ float” another layer of medium tear away under the hoop, it is not necessary to use an adhesive on this layer.
We suggest with adhesive stabilizers that embroiderers slow down machine speeds, use titanium needles and spray a little silicone on the needles.

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