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1.7 oz Stitch and rinse. White 11.5 inch x 10 yards - HSTA35
A "wet laid" dense non woven tearaway / washaway. Most remnants left in the design with this grade will disappear after the first or second wash, but depending on your washing methods/technique/temperature, it can take a few more washes. If it is critical for fast sure wash away, please use "Eau H2O Gone".

RinseAway is a water-soluble tearaway that is designed for open embroidery on light cottons and linens. When the embroidery is finished, the excess tears easily away from the stitches and the rest dissolves in water with the first wash.

The secret is in the construction. It is composed of some water soluble and some non-water soluble materials. Only some of the stabilizer dissolves leaving the nonsoluble fibers under the stitching to give the embroidery the support it needs to keep the design looking sharp and crisp throughout the life of the garment.

RinseAway is made using a wet-laid nonwoven process which ensures it is nondirectional and dense for maximum support. This type of stabilizer also makes it easier to achieve the tambourine skin tension level that is ideal for perfect registration and fine details.

Made of cellulose and polyester.

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