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Organ BPPD Bald 75-11 / Titanium Needle - SUP185
Box of 100 Titanium Needles. 75-11
Long Lasting: The titanium coating allows for less friction on your needle, which prevents dulling of the tip and wear on the needle. This means you can use them five times longer than a non-coated needle. These needles should be replaced after 25-30 hours of actual sewing or embroidery time.
Large Embroidery Eye: The large embroidery eye prevents thread breakage and fraying. Use with 40 weight or heavier embroidery thread. Works well for metallics.
Type: The ballpoint tip of the needle pushes the knit fiber to the side with each stitch instead of piercing it.
These are round heads for commercial emb. machines
***flat shank needles go to ***

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