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Digitizing testimonial from Angel Corbett from Ottawa

I love your products, customer service and lighting fast shipping. I’m new to embroidery. Only been doing this for a little over a year now. I’ve still got lots to learn but I’m having fun. Thank you super punch for all you do and as I was writing this email my doorbell rang and guess what it was??...SUPERPUNCH!

These hats are for a local Ottawa building business. Love how they turned out!

My husband coaches at this club and he wanted something personalized with the logo on it and voila!

This flower logo was embroidered on her apron. It took forever to sew out but looked amazing when done! Customer was very happy with it.

Special picture for a special father’s day gift. The dad loved it!

A fellow boxer from my husband club loved his sweater so much he came to me to have the same thing done with his jacket.
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