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We are very "fussy" about custom digitizing quality and service
John, I just wanted to give you some compliments on your digitizing and customer service. You know-we receive emails all of the time, telephone calls etc from digitizers who want our business. When your originally came across my first reaction was ok another digitizer looking for work, but what sold me is when I went to your web site and i looked around (actually then I had a few min to spare!) then I noticed your customer compliment section-Ian Cairns I know from one of the emb. lists-i emailed him and he said that he was extremely pleased with your work as well as we are! I dont know if you are actually doing our designs or one of your staff, but whoevever has been doing them, if they could keep doing the same excellent work-we will be very happy. All of the other digitizers we had used before, we have had to get them to do NUMEROUS editing, therefore, waisting our time etc etc. We are very "fussy" in giving our customers excellent embroidery. Just wanted you to know how we feel.
Thanks again, ps I have a friend who has a very large operation, 100 heads, are you interested in more clients? I would like to refer you to a few of my friends in the business.

Val Salomons
Val's Customized Action Wear & Embroidery
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