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Signed by real embroiderers...

Just when I thought I had seen it all !

I have been contracting embroidery for over 10 years and managing my own digitizing at the same time. I have tried a few different embroiderers and digitizers over that period and with the internet, I have always succeeded fairly well. But ever since I have started to do business with Superpunch and using their Superpunch Mangager tool online, my life has become a lot easier.

When I log in to Superpunch, I have total control of everything, from quotes to orders, all the way to invoicing, accounting, payments and to delivery dates. I can see it all and I am in direct contact with Superpunch. Even my stitch files are archived and sitting there for me as back up. If this is not enough, I can even open a live chat if necessary. I almost forgot to mention about the 1 hour service which saved my life a couple times last month.

Thank you for giving me this tool and for making my life a lot easier! I would highly recommend Superpunch to anyone, this is a no brainer.

John Bosworth
Boz Advertising Services
Tampa, Florida
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