Embroidery stabilizer testimonial from a Superpunch client - stabilizers-sent-as-sample

I also tried the stabilizers which you sent as sample with my first order...
Dear Super Punch,

I have started my embroidery business a couple years ago, and even though I did not buy my machinery from you, I felt I had to write a testimonial. Somehow, I discovered your company a few weeks after I had made the deal, so I started receiving your newsletter with different specials you had. I do my own digitizing, so I had to try your products when they became available online and what a surprise!

I started by ordering some white and black thread to test it out and see how come your thread was almost half the price of what I was paying with a popular brand. It could not be true, I thought. Well, after 3 months of running the SuperB thread, I have switched everything over and I am using your color chart for all my embroidery. Also, I have used your conversion chart online which became very handy.

I also tried the stabilizers which you sent as sample with my first order, and once again, I became hooked on the quality of your backings and also on the various formats which they are offered. The backing is incredible, it is soft and very stable. It is easy to see that I now purchase everything under the same roof, all done online and I want to thank the Superpunch staff for always coming through.

You have won me over for a very long time,

Yves Parenteau
Créations Nordiques
North Montreal
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