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1.5 oz White Cut Invisible Mesh 12" x 10 yards

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on 2018-05-23
"Great product at a really great price. " -stitchqueen

on 2016-05-20
"" -pelju

on 2016-03-03
"" -tabbycat

on 2015-12-16
"Excellent quality. Every bit as good as the far more expensive brand. Wonderful having a Canadian company supplying sewing products at reasonable prices. Thank-You!" -monicalangevin

on 2015-02-10
"Good product and reasonable price." -Ellray

on 2014-05-21
"Makes hooping a breeze using precuts. Cuts down prep time, so I get more embroidery done which equals more profit. This is the ideal stabilizer for tshirts, golf shirts, etc..." -DeniseBolton

on 2014-05-21
"Great product at a great price." -DeniseBolton

on 2014-04-03
"This product is amrvelous, it offer softness while it is solid and stable, and it produces a nice embroidery quality.
S. Cloutier" -brodclou

on 2014-03-23
"Excellent, this roll is a real cost savings to me. I use a lot of this !" -sbpelletier

on 2012-02-09
"For white garments, this product is super, because we do not see underneath." -promouni

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