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1.5 oz Tear Away White 12" x 10 yards

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on 2019-04-18
"excellent product" -saltydogcanvas

on 2016-12-19
"super easy to tear, not too thick, jsut perfect." -dordonc

on 2016-10-11
"Great product and fast shipping. Never disappointed." -reidsfabric

on 2016-05-21
"I would highly recommend this company. I received my order in record time. Included in my order were samples. The pricing of everything is perfect. Josie Dawe" -josiedawe

on 2016-04-17
"When I had finished my design I cut a square of the stabilizer away and dropped it in just a cup of cool water. It was amazing, within seconds it was dissolved, couldn't seeing anything left in the water. I would certainly buy more when I need to. " -sewansew

on 2016-04-07
"Worked well and tore away extremely easily. I'm pleased." -sewansew

on 2014-04-22
"This stabalizer worked really well. Haven't used a lot yet, but am really pleased with it." -fixitgram

on 2013-06-03
"That's exactly what I was looking for." -danikasdad

on 2013-04-02
"One of my favorite stabilizers, great product." -M. Mallet

on 2013-02-02
"excellent product i will buy again." -lobby1

on 2013-01-27
"The smaller rolls are great because i don't have enough room to store a big roll." -northernrose

on 2012-07-24
"The tear away backing is great and i like that i can buy it in small rolls in the HOME embroidery section." -northernrose

on 2012-02-09
"Great stabilizer, designs stitch well using this product." -M. Mallet

on 2012-02-09
"Excellent service and this product was perfect." -vizib

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