99 Cents Digitizing Offer. Judge Johnny will give the verdict on your embroidery design quote. ( 2 min. 06 sec.)

You are an embroiderer and not a Superpunch digitizing client yet?

Let Judge Johnny take you on a tour of this new offer at Superpunch for embroiderers only. You will never watch another Judge on TV the same way ever again…and this is how it goes.

You’ re an embroiderer ? You are new here? And you wanna try our very own “Made in Canada” digitizing? Well, this is your chance…for 99 cents, you can get a taste of Superpunch. That’s right, send us any corporate design, chest or cap and chances are, you will receive a stitch file for a 99 cents canadian….

Ok, I know, you are probably thinking: i will send them a humongous jacket back…like this truck …..or this one…well, sorry, no jacket backs allowed..we do them all the time, but not at 99 cents. However we could digitize the outline of a truck, add a name around it, chest size…sure…deal…99 cents.

Ok I know, you wanna send us the most intricate design ever, well, Judge Johnny will review your design and he knows the digitizing code by heart, has his own laws and he has the final word to accept or decline the offer…..so these won’t qualify for 99 cents….sorry, no ……..we digitize these but not for 99 cents, sorry.

So your design has to be a regular corporate design, ..something like this …this….or even this: then …its a deal…99 cents…

So don’t miss out, because you’re new only once, and at 99 cents, take my word, you will never forget your first one ever!..Yes, case closed!