Le Grand Chef - Recipes for the modern embroiderer... ( 2 min. 25 sec.)

Recipes for the modern embroiderer…when you cook, using the right ingredients in your recipe can make a huge difference in your final dish. The same applies to embroidery, so let the Grand Chef propose to you some of our best combinations of embroidery products so that your specific application is a success in the end.

Follow the recipe, and build your embroidery with quality thread, stabilizers, supplies and even digitizing…it is all about the process and how to formulate success with the right products…..so let’s see…hmmm…1 cone of SuperB 5000 m, 1 roll of invisible mesh cut away stabilizer, 65-9 needles, a can of 505….mix it all at 800 stitches per minute….and Voila! Bon Appétit !