2.0 oz. Cut Away White Stabilizer. ( 55 sec.)

Watch your host Johnny present the lightest product from our cut away stabilizers at superpunch.com. Like all of our SuperStable products, it is made in the USA and formulated exclusively for the embroidery process, nothing else. This stabilizer will not be found in vacuum filters or car seats, its only purpose in life is to enhance your embroidery application. Look no further to find the absolute best stabilizer on the market, this wet laid, multi directional backing will become your best friend. It even has a lubricant to promote needle penetration at high speed and with a 2.0 oz weight, it is quite thin for a cut away backing, therefore, it can be used for a variety of applications on thicker garments.

At Superpunch.com, we thrive on educating our customers to use only one layer of stabilizer for any application, and we believe this light cut away will do the trick quite often. However, if one layer is not enough, Superpunch also offers the ultimate best cut away on the planet with its 3.0 oz. Since Superpunch offers different formats, from small 25 yard rolls to huge 60 inch rolls, there is no reason why you should not carry every stabilizing product we offer, in order to provide you with the best possibility to achieve the most perfect application possible. The embroidery process is different from garment to garment, from machine to machine, give yourself the best chance to cover all possibilities, starting with a light cut away like the 2.0 oz offered only at superpunch.com.