2.5 oz Cut away black stabilizer. Long Version. ( 2 min. 47 sec.)

Black stabilizers are the fastest growing products on the market as more and more embroiderers thrive on offering classy products on dark garments to their customers. This application goes for all dark garments, not just black, so if you ever thought about getting your feet wet with a color matching backing, and going away from the good old white stabilizer, then this 2.5 oz cut away may just be your perfect starting point. Watch Johnny explain to you and show you how this product can be used for almost any embroidery application.  Black stabilizers are usually a bit more expensive than white ones, but this economical black will do the job at the right price. If you require a thicker black backing, and a real cut away, then we suggest you move to the 3.0 oz black cut, which is the top of the line on the planet for cut away stabilizers.

You know we love black at superpunch.com, just look at our web site. We think you should go black too with our SuperStable black line and yes, you will never go back.