3.0 oz. Cut Away Stabilizer. Long Version. ( 3 min. 22 sec.)

This 3.0 once stabilizer is simply the best cut away backing on the face of the earth, our no 1 seller and it will move the competition on the side instantly. Why? First, it is made in the USA with the highest standards of manufacturing and formulated exclusively for the embroidery process, nothing else. It is wet laid, which means its fibers were assembled multi directionally, not in a dry one way pattern, making it stable in all directions. Furthermore, it is soft, while being dense and perfectly firm, because of its polyester and cellulose content. As you can see, it is a combination of many factors which culminate in the best possible cut away stabilizer ever made in the history of embroidery. It is a huge statement on Superpunch’s part to claim it as the best in the world, but it is so. To top it all, it has a lubricant to promote high speed embroidery and to ease the penetration of your needles, hence minimizing thread breaks. This backing will please your machine operator and will increase the value of your finished product as well.

Our 3.0 oz is so popular, we are offering it in many formats and obviously in black and white. We have made many pre-cut sizes to cover all possible embroidery applications because of its high demand. Build it, and they will come. Try this winner today and make it your no 1 backing in your embroidery shop, it is exactly where it belongs.