Aqua film water soluble topping and the Eco-Stick adhesive backing. ( 1 min. 38 sec.)

Let me show you 2 products at the same time: The Aqua film topping and the Eco stick adhesive backing, both used on a tuque. First, peel off the adhesive backing, hoop it with your tuque on top in the hoop and stabilize everything. A tuque is normally hard to hoop, but now easy with the eco stick. Then cut off a piece of aquafilm to place on top of your tuque, so that the stitches won’t sink in the material. The aqualfilm can also be hooped with the backing if you want, but don’t forget, this water soluble is a topping and not a stabilizer…so use it for the proper application.

Line it all up and sew your design…then you can tear the eco friendly adhesive underneath quite easily….and also peel off the aqualfilm……stitches stayed on top of the material because of the water soluable topping and this item was easy to hoop because of our eco friendly adhesive. Any residu left will be washed away when in contact with water…We also offer a regular adhesive stabilizer, same type of application, not necessarily better, just different. Try them and see it for yourself.

Available in small formats, and of course, easy to add to your shopping cart and easy to ship.