Cloud and Cover ( 2 min. 39 sec.) - "Live" at Embroidery Night in Canada. Better than hockey

Live from the Embroidery night in Canada, watch the play by play action of the fusible mesh doing its thing with commentator Johnny describing it all. This is better than hockey and the home team always wins at Superpunch!

You will even enjoy our commercial on the Eau Gone specialty stabilizer which dissolves when in contact with water, do not miss it.

Fuse Cloud Cover Stitch over the back of a finished design to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs. It is soft and sheer – ideal for baby garments, golf shirts,or tees. Anywhere to avoid a scratchy irritant to the skin!
Please note: Cloud Cover Stitch is not a stabilizer.
Cloud Cover has a very unique multi directional stretch. It bonds at a moderate temperature with your fabric but will in no way adversely affect the drapability of your garment.