Invisible Mesh 1.5 oz Cut away pre cut pieces for HOME embroiderers. ( 1 min. 15 sec.)

Invisible, diagonally embossed for better stability, this stabilizer does not look like your typical embroidery stabilizer, but it is…and it is a new product, very modern, made to stabilize the hardest garment to sew, like micro fabrics, polyester shirts, performance wear which tend to move and hard to keep registration.

Insert a pre-cut piece in between a light tear, like our 1.5 oz and the garment, and you get a perfect sandwich to stabilize your embroidery. You can also use it this 1.5 cut away for a no show finish, when you are done, you can not see anything through the shirt…seeing a piece of backing through a shirt has never been too sexy…so be modern, try new ways to embroider, stabilize better with an invisible finish look, available in pre-cut pieces and small rolls, to the big rolls for embroidery shops, only at