Magic pens and sheets for Back to School! You will never guess who drives this bus...( 1 min. 25 sec.)

Who is driving the bus? Is the teacher driving the bus?

Yeah and riding online on our user friendly web site is so easy. Seclect any supply, like magic pens for example, add to cart, check out…no paperwork. Need support, Superpunch will teach you and demonstrate how to use our products made for embroidery…like these magic pens, have fun hiding that white bobbin thread showing through… and for back to school week, pens and sheets, sheets of backing that is, are on sale now at 50% off… for a limited time only. Be proud of you work…stabilizer with needle lubricant, pre cut pieces…come on, back to work!

Thanks to our musical director Jeff Brousseau, the actual driver of this very bus!