"Fire" Resistant NOMEX thread. Light up a torch and burn it, if you dare ! The fireman is there...( 1 min. 18 sec.)

Nowadays, embroiderers are often asked to use fire resistant thread to comply to the new strict safety norms on the market today. Do not turn down orders! This NOMEX resistant thread will resist any fire…well, let’s not get carried away…but try our exclusive line, 40 weight, tex 27, fire resistant thread available in 6 colors, packaged in convenient 1000 meter spools and to top it all, it is Made in the USA.

Furthermore, take advantage of our NOMEX pre wound magnetic bobbins and our specially made stabilizer to complete the high quality standard trio. And if you encounter any problems, Superpunch offers the extended service, always there to serve you with a smile…yes, we can put out any fire.