"Glow in the Dark" Thread. Dance the night away...glow glow..in the dark ! ( 1 min. 23 sec.)

Whether you are dancing the night away, or working the night shift, our glow in the dark thread will reflect brightly in the dark for up to 8 hours, after minimal exposure to light.

Although we tried to film this transformation as much as we could, the human eye will see its effect much more than our camera will ever show. But we tried… Our exclusive line is a 40 weight, available in 5 colors and conveniently packaged in 640 meter spools. We are also proud to add that our glow in the dark thread is the same color when under daylight, unlike many other imported similar products out there.

Yes, it is made in the USA and it is a heat sensitive product, so avoid any heat during cleaning or drying. Be different, amaze your clients with something new, light it up and glow, glow…