"Metalik" Thread. The sound of metal will charm you. ( 1 min. 20 sec.)

When you think of metallic thread, this is what comes to mind, n’est-ce pas? No matter how much you pay for metallic thread, up to 60 dollars a cone even, you get this.

Too often when you are sewing with certain rigid and scratchy metallic thread, you need to fix things, make adjustments…desperately fixing metal things…But what if there was a softer metallic thread with a rayon core, 2 ply, with a metallic film that would sew normally, then what would you say?

Yes, our exclusive Metallik thread line, available in 12 colors comes to the rescue, packaged on convenient and easy to use 670 meter spools. Less thread breaks, less kinks and twists off your machine, and best of all, it is made in the USA.