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Yes, enjoy Amazon wonderful service and shipping options, where you can shop for many items at the same time!

Whether you shop on or, we can serve you on both,
in both currencies.

Yes, Superpunch built a custom display to showcase its most popular smaller formats of thread, stabilizers, sprays and more to serve the home market. Our very first display was delivered and set up at Centre de Couture Martin of Granby and we plan on marketing this easy to use display from coast to coast.

Originally from New Brunswick and perfectly bilingual, John has a vast experience in customer service and will be in charge of receiving and shipping from our newly renovated 4000 square feet warehouse in Granby, Qc. John’s smiling personality is a perfect match with Superpunch, nothing less.

John has the tools to follow your history as a client on our interactive platofrm at and will be interacting with you by adding samples and suggesting new products to your shipment. John will add his personal touch, will make sure you get your orders on time and he loves to add samples and free gifts.

Feel free to contact John at for freebies! Welcome to the Superpunch team John !

The SewWhat Pro program now has the SuperB thread chart incorporated inside it’s colorways, making it easier than ever to match embroidery thread colors to your digitized files!

At Superpunch, offering the best quality products at the best possible price, on a user-friendly platform is not just a slogan, it is an ongoing process and a way of doing business. We strive in finding new ways, new products to serve our customers with innovative products and techniques. If the end result is made in our country, with our expertise, so much the better.

Chrystian Borduas, professional chemist no 98-083, has joined the Superpunch team in order to come up with new formulas for a variety of products such as pre-treatments, cleaning solutions, sprays, glues, inks and more.

This unique logo will appear specifically for these innovative products, created in Canada, exclusively for Superpunch.

With the online store growing ever so rapidly, Superpunch acquired a new headquarter of 6500 square feet, a modest, but vast location on Denison St. West of Granby, Qc., right off exit 68, from highway 10. Superpunch is a quick 40 minutes from Champlain bridge, 68 km from it actually, in the heart of traffic with too many transport carriers driving in front of us all day, just to name one.

It all happens at the same time the very first Stitcher embroidery machine, build and engineered by Superpunch, lands on Canadian soil. We are now in our home, comfortable for many years to come with plenty of room to spare for new innovative projects. Yes, the best is yet to come…

Once again, Johnny Larochelle from Superpunch made his presence felt at the 2012 Toronto Imprint Show by promoting our exclusive line of stabilizers and threads available online at Just walking in the isles, Johnny will meet several familiar faces, long time clients and contributors, so we took the time to build a small album photo.

Superpunch has been attending the Canadian Imprint Shows since 1998.


We were hoping for 20 participants…never in our wildest dreams would we have hoped for what eventually happened…over 80 guests registered. One week prior, we had to close our ticket office, nothing less.

The event took place at the Chateau Bromont, Qc at the footsteps of the ski hill and it was a huge success from registration all the way to night dancing with the live band. Embroiderers from all over Quebec, even New Brunswick made the trip to enjoy various workshops on products and services offered at Superpunch, and also to witness deep discussions into the embroidery world. Machine maintenance, stabilizers, 3 D foam, crests techniques, thread and digitizing, were on the menu, if we dare to name a few.

No matter how we try to explain it, you can watch the videos by clicking on the link below. You will get a feel of this first class event where socializing with fellow embroiderers goes hand in hand with savouring great food. They all are VIP guests deserving VIP access, only at At Superpunch, we love to treat our customers with passion.

For the first time ever, and certainly not the last, Superpunch exhibited its digitizing services and a few unique North American products at the CTCO show in Lyon, France February 1-3, 2011.

Will this be the start of a long term relationship between the bilingual Superpunch and our friends from Europe? One thing is certain, our interactive platform in French was a huge success.

Superpunch delivers the best America has to offer. Stay tuned!

More products, more samples to hand out and more new embroiderers enjoying Superpunch’s new interactive web site can only add up to one thing: a bigger booth size at trade shows! Yes indeed, that’s exactly what has happened.

Superpunch took center stage with a 6 foot table filled with stabilizing samples, on which attendees picked up some pre-cut pieces of our very own SuperStable line, made in the USA. Of course, both Happy embroidery machines, made in Japan, were also showcased and a small tension testing stand of pre-wound bobbins was also a huge hit among visitors.

Superpunch offers digitizing made in Canada, our maple leaf was decorating our booth with pride. Watch the 5 minute tour in our video section and see for yourself.

Superpunch is the exclusive Eastern Canadian distributor of the Solo direct to garment printer. Made in Japan next door to Epson, this Mastermind engineered made for printing garment printer is now operating in Canada as Superpunch delivered, installed and trained it first printer in Canadian soil, Mr Stephane Demers of Broderie du Nord, near Montreal. The white ink circulates freely, the trial and error grind is behind us and technology is now ready for the taking.

Scan anything you want, no more artwork and screen charges, what you see on screen is what you get, and it will sink in the fiber of the garments for you to feel….nothing…now that is the Solo difference. Silk screen leaves a crust, hard for the fingers and hard on the wallet for the set up charges. SOLO will print instantly and quickly, you will never turn down another order, no matter how small it may be.

During this historical day, we printed a t-shirt with this picture, adding the Superpunch logo and some lettering as well. Click on “Take me there” below to watch it!

In 1988, Superpunch’s founder Jean “Johnny” Larochelle sewed his first stitches ever with Madeira thread and never looked back. Back then and still today, the difference in cost of thread is not the most crucial factor when running a production.

Then in 1998, Superpunch started selling embroidery machines and always referred its new embroiderers to Madeira with confidence. Why settle for anything less?

As you can see, it is easy to understand why Madeira is part of the Superpunch family, since day one.

Superpunch has been an avid exhibitor at the Toronto Imprint Show and the Western edition in Calgary for years, which gives us seniority with a wonderful booth location. In 2010, we were located just across form the restaurant area and our line of products attracted the crowd. This year is particularly special as Superpunch showed off its new look, new logo and introduced its new web site. Johnny and Sarah welcomed old and new customers all day non stop, as they didn’t even have time to stop for lunch! They all left with samples and a smile. The 2 Happys, HCD and HCS, caught the eye and the HCS Voyager was sold on the spot.

In times of recession when the exhibitors’list is getting shorter, the show itself shrinking, bigger corporations cutting budgets and laying off staff, Superpunch is swimming upstream, innovating, moving up and investing with confidence.

Everything an embroiderer will ever need under one roof. Superpunch has all the products, the services, the experienced staff to answer any questions, therefore, it only needed a new modern tool to serve our customers even better for decades to come. Superpunch created not only a new web site with a new logo, but a complete interactive platform placing the embroiderer in direct contact with Superpunch at all times. becomes a tool where you and your mates can not only shop online, but also manage all your digitizing needs such as quotes and orders. In your personal account which you can create with your own username and password, you have your personal interface where all your files, invoices, embroidery designs, products and more, will be stored for your use. Within 5 clicks of the mouse, you can select a product and be out the door with your invoice in hand, paid and transaction sealed. We have made this new platform as easy as you will find anywhere on the web, and once again, Superpunch is innovating to be at the forefront of today’s technology.

Superpunch built this web site, invested for months and months of development, to finally mold a perfect tool for the modern embroiderer. Superpunch’s very own Alan Mongeau is the webmaster, while Johnny feeds all the material, planning, texts, videos, structure, content in both of our national languages. Again, Superpunch controls its own destiny and despite gray skies in today’s economy, we remain highly optimistic, even confident for the future.

Through the years, Superpunch solidified its annual presence in various trade shows across North America for the decorated apparel and embroidery industry. Since its very first show ever at the CSGA Show in 1998 in Montreal, Superpunch has never stopped exhibiting its products and services, if only to meet existing customers, make new ones, shake hands and put a face to a voice. The Imprint Canada shows have been at the heart of it all obviously with the Toronto edition in January and the Calgary meet in September. Superpunch also exhibited a few times at the Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) in Uncle Sam’s backyard to internationalize even more its services as Johnny always enjoyed visiting American friends, having attended university in the USA in the early 80’s.

A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore this multitude of exhibitor name tags means a lot of mileage, many hand shakes and of course, tons of smiles.

Superpunch was selling everything an embroiderer needs, except for backing. This item was the last piece of the puzzle and Superpunch took its time once again, to create its own exclusive line, made in the USA, which we call SuperStable. This line of stabilizers is formulated exclusively for embroidery use and has the latest recipes, such as lubricating agents, for a successful embroidery process. Stabilizers have greatly evolved over the last few years and Superpunch only has the top quality and today’s technology such as invisible mesh, adhesive backing, wash away and biodegradable, just to name a few.

While our competition keeps selling the same old fashioned backing for years and years, in huge and heavy formats too heavy for your operator to handle, Superpunch offers all types of formats ranging from pre-cut pieces, to 15 inch rolls, all the way to the old fashioned 60 inch rolls. We have it all, in a simple and easy to use menu, available online of course. Stabilize the foundation of your embroidery and you will now find everything an embroiderer will ever need, under one roof.

The plan to sell online products is not a new concept for Superpunch, but the addition of the SuperB polyester embroidery thread made us do it. Superpunch sold online for a couple years with another platform, but we wanted to create the most user friendly and easy to use web site on the market today. And we did just that, we built it. We have never looked back and have added all the products such as backing and supplies, to complete our entire line. Today, we can safely say that we have everything an embroiderer will ever need under one roof.

Our digitizing customers or anyone else for that matter, will now have an easy access to all our products while they manage their embroidery designs on They are in control of everything. Our interface is extremely secure where you are not redirected to another banking site, you remain on our very own 256 bit encrypted SSL accredited server. Superpunch is actually safer than your favorite restaurant processing your credit card. Once your account is created, noone can view your card number, not even you! You can modify it, edit it, delete it, but you can not view it. Simple as pie, add items in your shopping cart, checkout and click “pay Superpunch”. Try it and feel the difference.

It was only a matter of time before Superpunch would sell its very own line of thread. The reality of the day with manufacturing in the Orient, Superpunch tried many different brands and tested out many new products before choosing SuperB. Superpunch wanted its own brand, its own name and exclusivity of the product, which it achieved with the SuperB polyester line available in 170 colors online at $5.99 per cone of 5000 meters.

Pre-wound bobbins style L and M in white and black are also on the menu, at a fraction of the price from our competitors.

Superpunch is firmly establishing its used embroidery machine sales across Canada, most of which are Tajima machines. On the menu then and still today, if a client wants a new machine, the Happy is solid as a rock and if he wants a used machine, then the availability of used Tajima machines for Superpunch with its network of collaborators in North America is increasingly evident. Both Japanese brands come with a warranty, whether used or new.

Superpunch hires Sarah Wideman for customer service in both languages, expert digitizer and in charge of training.

Wilcom is without a doubt the most well known embroidery software on the planet with a history dating as far back as the embroidery rpocess itself. Superpunch digitizes its designs with Wilcom, therefore a connection was inevitable. Since we were already selling embroidery machines and serving a growing customer base with digitizing, Superpunch mastered Wilcom with additional training sessions and became a dealer. In those days, software was very expensive and almost luxury. It is quite a different world today, but the human mind is still the most important factor to successfully digitize.

It came time to move to a bigger place, embroidery machines were taking more and more room, additional help hired, Superpunch was on the move with its digitizing services, Happy sales and also with Tajima used embroidery machines. This winning formula still applies today, with the addition of supplies sales and online shopping.

Superpunch is proud to offer a quiet and beautiful surrounding to its staff and customers in the Eastern Townships, just 45 minutes east of Champlain Bridge. Ski, bike, hike or simply shop, come visit us anytime, you will love Bromont.

The progression was obvious and Johnny needed some immediate help rather quickly. Working 7 days a week, non stop, and trying to do it all with some sub contracting help from the outside was just not enough. It was time to bring someone along for the ride, and who would have thought this person would still be around today and actually building this very web site with Johnny. Yes, Alan Mongeau was hired in October of 1999 and Superpunch never looked back. Alan has been a key player in Superpunch’s success over the years and makes a bilingual dynamic duo with Johnny. This website is Alan and Johnny’s signature, a tool for decades to come and a validation of their dedication to modern customer service.

This is another classic picture for the ages, where Alan is watching Johnny’s two children, Tommie and Emily spinning on daddy’s chair.

Long before the digital camera ever existed, Superpunch exhibited for the very first time at the CSGA in January of 1998. It was to be the very first of many trade shows which Superpunch attended in North America. It also came only 1 month after Superpunch had become the eastern Canadian Happy dealer, so Johnny and tech Daniel Bergeron surprised a few competitors by showing up with a beautiful HCG1204.

The CSGA no longer exists but Superpunch is proud to publish this classic picture for the ages.

It did not take long, November of 1997 to be precise, for Superpunch to firmly step on the Canadian embroidery stage by selling the Japenese built embroidery machine Happy. Happy has a reputation and a name which are second to none in this industry. They are recognized as built tough, sturdy with blue steel. Superpunch quickly sold a few machines in Quebec and the Maritimes, all the while serving customers with digitizing services. This special relationship between the embroiderer and Superpunch has always been at the heart of it all and need we add, all done with a smile.

Superpunch also took some appropriate Happy machine repair training at the USA headquarters and never looked back.

After 9 years of successfully building a family business in the textile industry, Jean “Johnny” Larochelle decided to fly on his own and dedicate himself to the embroidery process. During that span, Johnny ran the entire production of the family business which also began modestly by doing everything on his own in its beginning, to hiring one employee at the time, to his last day 9 years later when the company was profitable with 8 retail stores and 35 employees to supervise. Even though, Johnny could have gone into screen printing, garment manufacturing, sales, graphic art, digitizing, machine repairs or anything related to the promotional apparel which he built himself, the love of embroidery was his call.

What’s in a name, might you ask? The word “punch” in embroidery has deep roots dating from the early 70’s, where the designs were punched into a paper tape, guiding the embroidery machine on its “x” and “y” axis. A design was basically called a punch and Johnny started using paper tapes in 1988. Add super hero qualities to prompt service, a smile and a touch of humor, you come up with Superpunch.

What’s in a logo? Punching with boxing gloves with the letters SP on your chest and Superpunch is ready to punch some designs. Howeever, Superpunch started with on-screen digitizing from the very first day and never actually delivered paper tapes. It was the beginning.