Embroidery Stabilizer and Backing

Superpunch offers its very own exclusive line of embroidery stabilizers and backings to support fabric.  Our tear away and cut away stabilizers are built in USA specially formulated for the  embroidery process.   Many of our non-woven fabric contain  silicone  so it will lubrify your needle as you sew! 

Our non-woven embroidery stabilizer and backing   will  bring quality to all your products.  We have different sizes, formats, pre-cut pieces to fit all your company’s specific needs.

  • Select by clicking on the image or text of the stabilizer you want.
  • We have many options of white and black in most stabilizers
  • Select the size you need.
  • We are available on Amazon prime, Walmart and Etsy in Canada and in the USA.

Information on Embroidery Stabilizer and Backing

Tear Away Stabilizer

Tear away stabilizer is widely used for many applications by embroiderers.  It is loved because of its ability to tear easily,  so it leaves a nice clean area on the back side of the fabric.  It’s used on application that are thicker and firm such as Jeans, leather, twill and caps.   Embroidering on soft, light and stretchy materials sometimes can be a nightmare.  We have a good solution for you.    A good tear away stabilizer mixed with our mesh stabilizer, where the mesh in the sandwich, will give volume and support to fabric that stretches easily. This combination is a winner and yields amazing quality.  Also we have our 1.8 soft tear which is widely used by commercial embroiders.  It’s soft, very white and almost a cutaway, yet it tears away easily. It’s a stabilizer that you must have in your embroidery shop.

Cut Away Stabilizer

Cut away is a stabilizer that give volume and thickness to support fabric for embroidery.  It’s used on material such as cotton and polyester.  Give volume to your material to help with small details and for quality.  You cut the excess on the back with scissors not to close to the stitches.   It stays on your application through washes, keeping the embroidery nice and crisp.   Superpunch has different weight of cut away for the thickness to meet your need. We also have our Mesh Stabilizer that is liked my many of our clients.  It’s a non-woven fabric cutaway that is soft and it doesn’t irritates skin.  You can use it in sportswear, where cut away may irritate skin.   Sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of Stabilizer to use.  Take a look at our Stabilizer Guide to help choose your perfect non-woven fabric.

Speciality Stabilizer

Superpunch has special stabilizers that are useful to any embroidery who need to do an embroidery on an unusual application.  Have you ever tried to embroider on an item that you can’t hoop?  Our Adhesive backing is what you need.  You can hoop your stabilizer and then stick your item and go ahead with the embroidery.  Works miracles!  Another product that is loved by our customer is our Eau Gone.  When doing something light like lace, the backing completely dissolved with water, leaving the stitch still well supported.  When doing light embroidery on lite material, this is the stabilizer that you need.  We also have the cloud cover, it’s a backing that is ironed on the back of your embroidery that gives you a soft and nice finish.