Embroidery Supplies and Embroidery Articles

Get your embroidery supplies now and everything you need under one roof!
Superpunch knows how important to have all the best embroidery supplies for your shop.  It will save you time and money while producing the best embroidery possible.  Since 1996, Superpunch has been supplying and servicing embroiderers of all sizes. 
Maintaining your embroidery machine is super important.  Please check out our spray, lube and oil section.  The LB5 is a classic lubricant and a  favorite while leaving no residue on your materials.  Another popular spray is our 505 adhesive temporary spray made for embroidery and a must.   You could use the 505 to hold the fabric to the stabilizers which is ideal for stretchy material or for appliques and more.     Our 3D foam is an amazing quality at 3 mm thick and perfect rigidity for your machine and creates quality 3D application. Embroidery supplies: Hoops, needles, scissors, snips, sewing hooks, Peggy Stitch Eraser , you name it, we have it !

For more information about our embroidery supplies check out the Frequently Answered Questions about supplies.