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All of your embroidery supplies are sold online at Superpunch.

The supplies section of superpunch.com offers all the tools, sprays, needles, hoops, material, adhesives, snips and whatever else you will need to perform your craft embroidery. It might very well be the most active and most changing section of our site, because we will expand it as it goes, while we listen to each and every single one of your needs. At Super Punch, we offer our very own lines of top of the line products such as Happy embroidery machines, SuperB thread, SuperStable stabilizers, and of course, our made in Canada digitizing service. Furthermore, we also know there are many other much needed items necessary in order to run a fine embroidery shop. You should find it here, and if you don’t, please email us what you are looking for, we can add it to our line very quickly. We listen to your needs and we move fast, without any bureaucracy in the way.

If you are dealing with 2 or 3 suppliers, it becomes confusing as to what you ordered from one or the other and the price you paid, or trying to find an older invoice so that you re-order the same item again. Well, those headaches are a thing of the past because all your purchases will be archived on superpunch.com, which only you can have access with your personal username and password. You can view your past invoices, past orders and in one click of the mouse, send us the order again. One additional click and it is paid without any re-directing to another web site or registering your personal information somewhere else. At Super Punch, we make it easy for you and our products are guaranteed. Our web site makes it so that it becomes second nature to shop with us whenever you are looking for anything related to the embroidery industry. Also, we are proud to do it without paper, nothing sent in the mail, not even a check.

Although we would not brag to be unique by selling most of these products, this embroidery supplies section certainly complements the rest of our lines and services. It will grow to be your complete shopping cart for all your embroidery needs. Furthermore, we can safely say that you can find everything an embroiderer needs, all under one roof. Now, this is unique.

At Superpunch, you have access to our own exclusive lines of products that you will not find anywhere else. For starters, our SuperB embroidery thread was designed especially for us and our backing is also unique in Canada. Our thread can sew small letters and small details with the best on the market, and has a million dollar shine, but at half the price. All of our “made for embroidery stabilizers”, named SuperStable, are produced multi directional and lubricate your needle with silicone at the same time to increase registration and performance on the machine.
We carry a few items that are common to embroiderers which other suppliers may also carry, but we can assure you of the best price and a 24 hour a day service from our interactive web site. Our products are guaranteed to work and to increase your production while you save money and time from dealing with superpunch.com. The modern embroiderer will find everything he or she is looking, all under one roof.

There is only one way. All embroidery supplies are paid online on our secured web site with all major credit cards. We have our very own 256 bit encrypted server and a SSL secured certificate, so it can not be any safer. You only enter your credit card number and expiration date, and you are done. Nobody can ever get that number ever again, not even yourself on your own computer! Superpunch.com will take care of the rest. Your information will remain on file as part of your personal customer information which will allow you to simply click on the “pay now” button for future orders and be done with it. We make simple for you, and at the same time, earn bonus points and air miles while taking advantage of our paperless interface with your invoices and past orders being archived for future use.

We ship supplies any which way you choose. If you have an account with any specific carrier, simply indicate which one in your customer information and the account number.

If you do not have any account, our secured web site will determine your shipping costs with Canada Post, depending on your postal code and the items you have placed in your shopping cart. It is all done automatically and Canada Post even offers 2 types of shipping, 2 prices and also 2 delivery dates. Everything is paid instantly and right away.

Please let us know and we will try to find it for you. Our goal is to serve you completely from A to Z. Also, we can turn around very quickly and add any items for sale on superpunch.com in the blink of an eye. Superpunch is not about corporate and bureaucratic processes, or about paperwork and sales manager meetings with regional sales territories. We are close to you and we are about personal and quick service.

Yes, it is. Some of the popular embroidery supplies are sold at large by others. It is normal, but at Superpunch, we carry our very own brand names of thread, the SuperB and our very own stabilizer, the SuperStable backing. We also offer our legendary digitizing service andf embroidery machines sales, trainign and support. We also try to put together the best mix of all the other components and products needed in order to run the perfect embroidery shop. We also guarantee you the best prices at the time of your purchase, so you have no reason to shop anywhere else. It is all here under one roof.

Each item sold on superpunch.com will come with a video showing you how to use it. You also have a written description of each one. You can always email us if you have a question, phone us at our toll free 1-888-707-8624 or even live chat with us if we are available.

Yes, you sure can. You can shop as much as you want and decide to check out and pay whenever you wish to do so. This will allow you to save your favorite products in your cart while browsing more.

Superpunch understands that the security and confidentiality of personal information transferred over the Internet is the basis for any data privacy program. Superpunch employs Secure Sockets Layer (referred to as SSL) software-the most advanced security software available-to ensure your data’s security. This software encrypts 256 bits all sensitive information that you transmit to us and provides the highest possible level of security.

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