Experience the best interactive platform for the absolute best service. On our very own Superpunch Manager, you will:

  • manage all your orders, quotes, invoices logos, product orders.
  • share with co workers if you want and add your own PO numbers.
  • be in control of your files.
  • be in immediate and direct contact with Superpunch for any questions you may have.
  • enjoy keeping copies of your stitch files as back up.

Enjoy the best tool to make your embroidery life a lot easier.

You use Superpunch because:

  • Digitizing experience since 1996.
  • Pay in Canadian dollars. Top quality digitizing made in Canada, backed with personal service from an experienced team and agressive pricing.
  • The Superpunch Manager interface is your paperless interactive tool that will keep track of all your quotes, orders, invoices, payments, archived stitch files and more!
  • You will find everything you need for your embroidery business under one roof, and we do mean everything.
  • Exclusive products sold online made with the latest technologies.

Fun Historical Digitizing Facts

Super Punch first offered digitizing services in 1996 when Jean “Johnny” Larochelle cut the inaugural ribbon andas they say, the rest is history. The actual word “punch” refers to the previous paper tape era, where designs were punched through a paper tape, so Johnny made it simply super. But if we go back even further in history, Johnny started digitizing in the family business as early as 1989, when the on-screen digitizing first appeared on the market. At the time, software was just starting to evolve on the market and prices were as high as $30,000 and $40,000, just to be able to transform your images into stitch files. At that price, users could not even resize a design more than 10%, they had to re-digitize it all over again, and improve it at the same time for the second size. Erasing and going back into the design to edit was next to impossible, so Johnny learned the hard way to construct a nice embroidery design. Of course, today is another era with more advanced software and the internet as our delivery truck. We now have tools that often tend to promote automatic functions, press one button and fireworks appear, hence creating less than perfect finished products. The interaction between the software, the design and the human mind, while building a design can not be duplicated anywhere else nor by anyone else. Each design becomes a signature with proper settings to run for the proper application.

We use the most advanced software on the market, with tailor made tools capable of performing the most complex designs ranging from small letters to gradient effects. We try to deliver one stitch file which will likely sew properly on 90 percent of all the applications on the market. We also educate customers to warn us if their application involves special materials such as terry cloth, polar, blankets, caps or other.

Digitizing has always been the heart and soul of Super Punch. Even to this day, we are always in contact with our clients and we listen to their needs. Therefore, we built a new platform, part of www.superpunch.com, which we call the Superpunch Manager. This tool will allow you to upload your files, select delivery date, keep track of all your quotes, invoices , archived files, pay invoices, so in a word, your digitizing central station. You are always in direct contact with Super Punch. You can even chat online with us when available, this is as instant as it gets.

And would we play the “made in Canada” card on you? Of course, and we will proudly do so. At Super Punch, we are proud of employing Canadians, paying taxes in Canada and we have been fighting the Asian invasion since day 1. Our prices are very competitive, but we are on your time zone, speak both of our national languages, offer toll free 1-888-707-8624 phone line and our service and quality are second to none. Most of our North American client embroiderers actually are fighting this same battle, but we have been witnessing a change in attitude among the mass to keep our jobs on our continent during these hard economic times. So Super Punch will continue to strive and innovate to stay atop. Where they like to brag about being fast and deliver designs within 48 hours, if you are lucky enough not to hit an unusual holiday, we have come up with a unique 1 hour service. Yes, you read correctly. Within 1 hour, you can send an image for a quote, get a price, a link to pay and you will receive your design within that 1 hour time slot. We are awake at the same time as you are, in the eastern time zone.

As you can see, Super Punch has everything you want in a digitizing center. Our knowledge of the design building process, along with our expertise in machines, thread and stabilizers sales, makes us a leader in the digitizing industry. We are a small company, but personal and closely knit to our clients. If you are new to this site, please give us a try, send us a design and it will be our pleasure to show you why Super Punch is no 1.

Simply email us the graphic file from the digitizing section (The Superpunch Manager) and tell us your specifications for size, special concerns and when you want it back. You can first ask for a quote, and we will quote your design for free. Once you are ready to produce the design, give us the green light and Superpunch will deliver. Our interactive web site allows you to keep tab on all your quotes and order once you have logged in with your user name and personal password. This interface will also allow you to pay for your purchases online and all digitized files and invoices will be archived for your future use.

You bet. Our competitors brag with a 48 or 24 hour turnaround, so we just set the bar to another level, as the world’s fastest digitizing center, nothing less. Whether you are new to this site or a regular, this service is available for you weekdays between 9:00 AM and 16:00 PM, Eastern time, except on holidays. If you happen to place the order on a weekend, we will notify you as to our earliest possible time for delivery.

In one hour, you can email us a graphic file for a quote through the 1 hour service window and we will reply with a price which should surprisingly satisfy your adrenaline need for speed. Once accepted, you will get a link on our secured interface to pay by credit card, and your design will right away enter the production line. Voila, within one hour, you have your design as a stitch file. Welcome to the Superpunch innovative way of doing business!

We prefer graphic files which do not depend on certain versions of software, nor depend on an upgrade for fonts or any other types of add-ons to simply open a design. As a rule, jpg, bmp, tif and pdf files are usually the best, because they do not change from computer to computer, no matter what. Worse comes worse, send it in and we will tell you. If we can see it, we can punch it!

Never and we repeat, never. Too often around the world, we see customers furiously come back to us because they paid big dollars for their custom designs, only to see them end up in a stock design collection sold at a fraction of the price. Not only this is not ethically correct, it is just plain wrong. Superpunch does not have its own stock design collection, we only do custom digitizing.

Of course it is and all the way. We also understand that embroiderers often have to deal with customers who are agents, salespeople or business owners who sometimes do not understand the embroidery process very well. Therefore,often times, a quick touch up, either for size, color change, minor edits may occur. Superpunch has a legendary reputation for coming through right away for all requests, even on our competitors’files!

We like to please our clients and get them out of a jam or a tough situation, so we are right there behind you all the time. Simple, we consider you part of our team. If you do not succeed and make money, then we do not succeed either. Of course, if the edit becomes a complete surgery or an entire redo, we will have to make certain arrangements. We are there to work with you and for you.

Need you ask? We have a 1 hour service for an entire job, so we should do ok for edits. Of course, we do eat lunch and sometimes have to run the usual errand. Basically, unless you are very unlucky with your timing, you will be taken care of, rather quickly.

Yes we do, and we do it quite often. We can even resize it to a certain degree, edit, modify, add or reduce density, substitute lettering and more. We can even re-punch it completely if you are not happy with it, from your file and we have done it quite often. We can use your small chest stitch file and even make a big jacket back with it! Just send your file with your request and you will find out that we can basically do anything.

Yes you can. At first, we prefer all of our new customers to pay quickly, either with a check upon reception or a credit card on our secured web site. Obviously, paying by credit card is instant, less of a hassle and much quicker. Our Superpunch Manager has the capabilities to keep track of all your accounting needs, therefore you can pay on your personal account with one click of the mouse. If you absolutely want to stay the old fashioned way, with invoices, sending checks in the mail, we do have the net 30 terms which also can be managed easily on the secured Superpunch Manager.

Yes, just tell us what size you need when you send in the quote and we will give you a special combo price for chest, cap and jacket back. Every design is different so it can only quoted once we see the actual design. Please send it in and request a combo package.

All of our designs at Superpunch are designed to run on caps. Even though you will ask us a design for a chest logo on shirts, we assume this same customer will come back to you next week and buy caps from you. Therefore, all of our designs should run on 95% of caps on the market without any trouble. As it is often the case in the world of embroidery, there are exceptions with caps made with rigid or thick material, or with a limited embroidery surface, then we may have to adjust specifically. We will not reveal our professional secrets, but it is a strict guideline for us at Superpunch, where our first goal is to actually produce designs that run well on caps.

The Superpunch Manager will allow you to select a particular third party, up to 3 emails, where we will send your finished stitch file to. You can change these settings with every order, or simply never change the settings and always send your designs to the same third party. This process applies also with your accounting needs, simply fill out where you want the invoices sent to, and the secured Superpunch Manager will do the job for you. Simple as pie, and you have full control of all your designs.

Yes, you can. When you are logged in the scured SuperPunch Manager with your own user name and password, you will be able to modifiy your delivery date. We understand that your clients may be rushed for various reasons or special events, it is the nature of our business. We will confirm the change of delivery time and acknowledge as fast as we can. We ask all of our customers to give us time when they have time in hand, and to only rush designs when necessary. Often times, embroiderers have to order the goods or wait for products to come in, so this can give us a few days to schedule those particular designs. Furthermore, this allows us to treat emergencies, one hour service jobs and rush jobs as they come in. One thing is certain, you will not lose a job because of digitizing turnaround time, price or quality, period.

Yes, every design will come with a pdf format file of your logo in the closest color that we could find in our embroidery software. It will also come with a color sequence to help you program the colors on your embroidery machine. By the same token, we will suggest our SuperB thread color as well, so that you can save additional money without compromising quality, using our $5.99 per 5000 meter cone of polyester thread.

Normal is actually not a normal word in our industry. We have busier times such as Christmas holidays, spring time and other peak periods, and we also have quieter periods such as January. These are typical but not the rule. But technically speaking, we like to take this question out of our vocabulary and deliver every order before 13:00 the next day. It is our job to deliver within 24 hours and to make sure you will serve your customers properly. Choose the date and time, we shall deliver. If you want your logo back super fast, we also offer our unique world’s fastest 1 hour service during office hours.

No, we never have and never will. If you are paying by the thousand stiches, chances are you are paying too much or the digitizer is delivering bigger files with more stitches. We charge by the complexity of the designs, not the stitch count. We may charge you more for an intricate 5000 stitches design than we will for an easy 45000 stiches design, so each design is quoted individually and estimated on the amount of work required.

With today’s software, it is easy to fill an area with stitches, but the craftsmanship of the actual sequence and construction of the design have nothing to do with software. We build design to run well, with the least amount of trims, and with specific density settings so that you can embroider on approximately 90% of promotional garments seen on the market. Deal with Superpunch, ask for a quote and you will know right away what to charge to your clients without any surprises when the actual stitch file is delivered.

Yes, we have helped many of our clients come back to life after a disaster. On the secured Superpunch Manager, you will have access to all your stitch files, invoices, past orders and quotes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can also send your files on a CD if this is what you want. Superpunch gives you tools for today’s world and so take advantage of these wonderful interactive services offered to you.

Yes and proud of it.

More Frequently Asked Questions