Frequently Asked Questions about General Stuff

Superpunch is opened from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:00 Eastern time. Since we understand that most of our customers are often busy during those times, working and running their own businesses, we can open the warehouse and show you our machines, thread, supplies and offices, by appointment on weekends or holidays if we are available.

We live close by and it is always a pleasure to see our customers drop by, anytime. Also, we actually never close our business, and we do not close during the 2 week Quebec construction holidays. There are not too many days which Superpunch actually closes, we love our work.

You bet. Let’s go over each department within Superpunch. First, with digitizing, we guarantee the file to be up to your client’s standards, even if it means we have to resize, touch it up a bit or any minor edits. Often times, your customer will have a different viewpoint than us, so these situations can happen.

With machine , a new one will provide you with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, and as for a used machine, it depends on the model, year and its condition.

And for thread and supplies, they are guaranteed, plain and simple. We back our products and our word is very important. We have all heard the saying that a man’s word is more important than a 20 page contract, well, at Superpunch, this is exactly what you will get. We want all of our customers happy and judging from our steady growth since 1996, it seems to work.

When you do business with Superpunch, you can be assured of the best service around today. Since 1996, we thrive on delivering the best service possible with our experienced staff, our toll free phone line 1-888-707-8624 for all of North America and super fast response by emails. Also, you get to use our latest website, 24 hours a day, which is an entire interactive tool for all your embroidery needs. You can simply write what you are looking for in the search engine, and chances are, we have it.

Within 5 clicks of the mouse, you should be checked out, with your order, products and invoice. Your orders and files will remain archived for future use. Any embroiderer, big or small, domestic or commercial, can do business with Super Punch. In fact, you really have nowhere else to go for all your embroidery supplies, from digitizing to machines, thread, stabilizers, because we have it all under one roof.

Yes. The embroidery supplies are only sold through our web site and must be paid with our 256 bits encrypted server, secured with SSL certificate, before we ship anything at all. In today’s world, it is much easier for you and for Super Punch to deal that way, because we eliminate paperwork, faxes, invoices, statements, checks, deposits and secretary work. And on top of this, gain points from your credit card and pay yourself a vacation at the end of the year just from dealing with Superpunch! If you accumulate 2% of points, air miles or dollars on an annual 20K budget, it is 400 dollars at the end of the year, enough to fly south this winter!
Business is much easier when transactions are done on our secured web site.

We have been doing online business for many years, and not once, have we had a case of fraud or wrong doing. Also, you are contributing to a paperless world, and all your paperwork will always be waiting for you in your account at When you log in to our web site, you are out the door with your product in 5 clicks, invoice in hand, paid supplies and archived for future reference.

Absolutely not. At Superpunch, your personal information remains highly confidential without any third party whatsoever having access to your personal information, credit card numbers or your embroidery files. Actually, you will not even have access to that very card number yourself, or anyone using your computer. We have never had a case of credit card fraud and we have been processing credit cards since 1997, and online since 2005. As a digiziting customer, all your orders and embroidery files are achived online for your use at any time. If a competitor of yours is asking questions about you, we simply turn them away and will not relay any information. Of course, your email will never leave our database for any reason. When you subscribe to our newsletter, you only get our newsletter, nothing else. This is our code of conduct and of honor towards our valued customers.

We ship supplies any which way you choose. If you have an account with a specific carrier, simply indicate which one in your customer information, its phone number and Superpunch will take care of the rest.

If you do not have any account, our secured web site will determine your shipping costs with Canada Post, depending on your postal code and the items you have placed in your shopping cart. It is all done automatically and Canada Post even offers 2 types of shipping, 2 prices and also 2 delivery dates. Everything is paid instantly and right away.

Please let us know and we will try to find it for you. Our goal is to serve you completely from A to Z. Also, we can turn around very quickly and add any items for sale on in the blink of an eye. Superpunch is not about corporate and bureaucratic processes, or about paperwork and sales manager meetings with regional sales territories. We are close to you and we are about personal and quick service.

Logos and custom designs: All our custom creations of logos are guaranteed as specified on original order. We take great pride and we commit our quality so that we can deliver the best product possible. If by any chance, we have to touch up the design after delivery, for minor adjustments requested by you or your customer, we will adjust the design quickly and at no extra charge. If however those changes are different and necessitate a new order, we then have to charge accordingly.

For embroidery supplies: Our products are guaranteed to be up to your satisfaction, or you can return the product within 10 days for a full refund, unless the item has been damaged, or has been used beyond recognition. We strongly suggest that you inspect closely the products as they arrive, and make sure they are exactly the ones you ordered.

Superpunch understands that the security and confidentiality of personal information transferred over the Internet is the basis for any data privacy program. Superpunch employs Secure Sockets Layer (referred to as SSL) software-the most advanced security software available-to ensure your data’s security. This software encrypts 256 bits all sensitive information that you transmit to us and provides the highest possible level of security.

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