Pre-Wound Embroidery Bobbins

Industrial machine pre-wound Embroidery Bobbins

Superpunch offers three different kinds of pre-wound embroidery bobbins. You will surely find the perfect match for your need and budget. The top quality is the Magna-Glide bobbin. Our pre-wound bobbins are loved by embroiderers of all sizes. We offer Style L in black or white and if you should require class 15 bobbins for home embroidery machine, please visit our sister web site at  

For those who wind their own embroidery bobbins, we also offer spools in black or white specially made for this purpose.   

Please select the perfect one for you and your budget.

Smaller Home Machine pre-wound Embroidery Bobbins

  • If you own a smaller home machine and need a class 15-A Pre-Wound bobbin, please visite our site MONFIL.CA.

Magna-Glide Magnetic

  • Higher Quality And More Efficient Production.
  • Patented magnetic core creates unmatched tension uniformity.
  • Magna-Glide Bobbins will sew to the end evenly.

Plastic Core With Sides

  • High quality but yet affordable.
  • Plastic core to promote high speed embroidery.
  • 144 bobbins per box. 134 yards per bobbin.

SuperB With Sides (Best Value)

  • Tested and used by thousands of professional embroiders.
  • Gain value by buying longer prewound bobbins 
  • 144 units per box. 130 yards per bobbin.
SuperB Thread

Wind Your Own Embroidery Bobbins

Option 1

  • A great bobbin thread for embroidery, quilting and general sewing
  • The same high quality thread used to make our Magna-Glide  pre-wound bobbins
  •  Smooth, uniform thread surface provides optimum tension control
  •  High yardage, continuous filament polyester
  • Made In USA

Option 2

  • Imported made from spun polyester. 
  • 165 mm x 100 mm round.
  • Ideal lightweight thread for machine embroidery
  •  High yardage, continuous filament polyester
  • 24,000 yards per cone