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I'm still glad you talked me into buying that HAPPY...
I don't think I will ever meet another puncher I could talk to on the phone from midnight until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Sometimes several nights a week for the duration of a couple of years. A person and business with so much unlimited customer support. An associate and a friend. I know you have given me a much broader outlook on embroidery, and my total understanding of punching, since I bought that from you too. Still, you are always there with immediate support and whenever I need advice. No matter where you go, I can bother you. I contacted you at Disney World, in Newfoundland, and where ever else you were with that laptop you take everywhere. I'm surprised your wife hasn't destroyed it (yet.)!!! You are always there. I'm still glad you talked me into buying that HAPPY, you probably hoped I was one customer you could get rid of, but you can't!
I only hope I can someday run my business with same amount of care you take for all of your customers.

Charles McArthur
The Stitch Doctors Sportswear

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