SuperB Embroidery Thread 1000m


  • 1000 meter cones, size 40 wt., polyester
  • The SuperB is a high quality polyester embroidery thread, exclusive to Super Punch. Size 40 will allow you to sew every small details and small letters with ease and precision.
  • 50 colors available
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SuperB Embroidery Thread:

1000 meter cones, size 40 wt., polyester
Since 2007′ SuperB has made a remarkable entry into the Canadian market and has never looked back.  It began with 5000 meter cones sold by Superpunch to commercial embroiderers. Where many multi head factories have switched to SuperB.  Shortly after, Superpunch answered the high demand and created a 1000 meter version with its 50 most popular colors. This is where comes into play to cater to the home sewers.
Reviews are unanimous and the savings plentiful.
A bit of history:
Imported from Asia, SuperB is our line of polyester embroidery thread, a superb thread.

Since 1996, Super Punch has been supplying the embroiderers with high quality Canadian digitizing service, as well as sales, service and training on embroidery machines, used and new.  Therefore, having established this trustworthy relationship over the years with embroiderers all over North America, Super Punch was more than ready to offer its very own line of polyester embroidery thread.  This inevitable progression in offering a full service and supplies comes with a whole new way of doing business online, a paperless business. Furthermore, we offer a top-tier shipping service that is both quick and simple.

The SuperB is a high quality polyester embroidery thread, exclusive to Super Punch.  Size 40 will allow you to sew every small details and small letters with ease and precision.

The small pre-wound bobbins style L accompany our SuperB thread. Even hoop your garment with a SuperStable backing, you will have the one, two, three punch of the highest quality incomparable anywhere on today’s market. We even have our very own magnetic bobbins, so make sure you try this recent technology.


Try it, you will love it!

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 cm
1000 meters SuperB Colors

All 50 colors, HTH010 White, HTH020 Black, HTH102 Soft Gray, HTH1031 Bursting Violet, HTH111 Magnetic Gray, HTH1146 Gingery Beige, HTH115 Charcoal Gray, HTH1152 Classic Brown, HTH1163 Fleur de Lys Blue, HTH1241 Sangria Red, HTH1243 Burgundy, HTH1423 Light Royal Blue, HTH1552 Haystack Beige, HTH1708 Light Gray, HTH2093 Azur Blue, HTH253 Rust, HTH3015 Dark Red, HTH302 Light Pink, HTH321 Fuschia Pink, HTH325 Hollywood Cherry, HTH343 Lilas, HTH403 Powder Blue, HTH413 Sapphire Blue, HTH419 Yellow Sulfur Flower, HTH432 Orange Blaze, HTH444 Turquoise, HTH4453 Royal Blue, HTH502 Cosmetic Peach, HTH529 Carmine Red, HTH5553 Midnight Blue, HTH5554 Blue Sky, HTH5557 Kelly Green, HTH604 Yellow Imperial, HTH609 Yellow Sunflower, HTH613 Mellow Yellow, HTH633 Yellow Lemon, HTH642 Orange Tangerine, HTH650 International Orange, HTH651 Orange Vermilion, HTH654 Sandy Beige, HTH695 Forest Green, HTH697 Dark Turquoise, HTH700 Cherry Tomato, HTH8010 Dark Gray, HTH812 Creamy Beige, HTH815 Tan Beige, HTH841 Copper Mountain Brown, HTH892 Maroon, HTH988 Bright Green, HTH990 Green Grass, NO 1 Black and White (contains 3 black and 3 white), NO 10 Special Pack of 25 Colors : 010, 020, 102, 1031, 115, 1152, 1163, 1241, 1243, 1423, 1552, 1708, 302, 419, 432, 5554, 5557, 633, 650, 651, 654, 8010, 812, 815, 841, NO 2 Basic Colors (contains green 695, red 3015, white 010, black 020 , navy 555, royal 1423), NO 3 Pastel (contains 325, 302, 613, 343, 403, 502), NO 4 Red Orange (contains 650, 700, 529, 1241, 1243, 651), NO 5 Earth (contains 1552, 1146, 1152, 841, 812, 815), NO 6 Blue (contains 697, 1163, 5554, 4453, 413, 444), NO 7 Green and Gray (contains 990, 5557, 988, 8010, 111, 1708), NO 8 Yellows (contains 633, 419, 604, 654, 609, 432), NO 9 Mix (contains 1031, 642, 115, 892, 253, 102)